Friday, 21 June 2013

Bruce Springsteen At Wembley!

Hi Guys,

 Last weekend I went and saw Bruce Springsteen at Wembley Stadium London! If you know anything about me you'll know I'm not exactly a 'fan' of Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Bieber etc.... In other words the music for my age group. Nope! I way prefer Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, Queen and Paul Kelly ;) Naturally when I heard Bruce was doing a concert in London I had to be in on it. Wembley was the host of Live Aid (Queen) and the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert (Queen David Bowie and Elton John, plus loads more of musicians I like) right???

 Wembley Stadium has room for 90,000 people!
Big audience....

 Bruce played the entire album 'Darkness on The Edge Of Town.' This is an album of which the whole essence of The E Street Band is formed on (in my opinion) it's one of the oldies and has some great tracks on such as Badlands (one of my favourite songs,) Racing In The Street and The Promised Land. Bruce also took about 5/6 sign requests which led to the crowd being treated to Rosalita!

Me and my brother, this was meant to be the 'nice' photo ;)

The band played 24 songs prior the encore then came back on for another 6, the last song being 'Twist and Shout' which Bruce warned may end up having the plug pulled - in reference to their misfortune with Paul McCartney at Hard Rock Calling last year! Bruce then came on solo (!) for an encore number 2 and treated the crowd to a rare solo version of thunder road. The perfect way to end such a special evening.

 All I can say is I am now suffering from the 'Bruce Blues' and am praying he continues the tour next year or releases more tickets for a 2nd night at the Leeds Arena - preferably both. I have uploaded 3 videos on YouTube which you can see on my channel here.  They have already had almost 7000 hits!

'Til next time
- Ellen

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

LUSH Avo Bath Bomb

Hi guys,

 This week I tried out the LUSH bath bomb, avo bath :-) It was really nice, soft and well, very LUSH! 

 The bath bomb looked reasonably boring (for a lushy) as it was just plain green with the LUSH logo on the top. So I would be lying to say this was a special looking bomb, at least not as much as 'tisty tosty' or 'sex bomb' are. However once you dunk it in the water everything changed! It frothed a bit more than the average lushy so I was very pleased about that. This is the video of my avo bath test:

It makes your bath green - I felt as if I was in a witches soup ;)
A nice witches soup though....

 The bomb didn't stain my bath tub which I was VERY pleased about as if this hadn't gone so well I might have just stopped with LUSH altogether in order to protect my bath tub! I rate the bomb 6/10, lovely green frothy bath, foams quickly and doesn't stain, however it wasn't particularly exciting. One really great thing is if you have sensitive skin and struggle with other LUSH products you might be alright with Avo Bath as it isn't an extravagant one ;)

 Ha ha, the photo above is me reading the LUSH newspaper, did you know they did one? I didn't ;)

 Have you tried avo bath by LUSH? If not I highly recommend it - it isn't as fancy as some others though. My favourite is big blue! What's yours?

'Til next time
- Ellen

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Urban Outfitters Dresses

Hi Guys,

 So sorry for my absence over the past couple of weeks. I have had A LOT of stuff happening in my life (don't get worried, I'm fine!) and haven't had much time for writing :( And on top of that I am revising for my end of year exams at school... eek! 

 Anyway in the little time I have had I went over to Leeds (a city in Northern England) with one of my friends. I couldn't get enough of one shop we went into, can you guess from the title?! Urban Outfitters! I hadn't been into one of their shops before and all I can say is oh my God, it was like paradise :) Sadly I didn't buy anything as it is reasonably expensive however I have asked for two dresses for my birthday and these are them:

 Dress 1) 'Cooperative Contrast Collar Paisley Dress' £48.00

I don't wear dresses often but am in love with this stunner! It is an a-line cut so it isn't clingy at all, my style ;) It also has some grunge appeal to it so that suits me perfectly. I would likely pair it with some black creeper shoes or military boots, black tights and hopefully wear it without anything else but knowing rainy old England I would probably have to wear something on top. Probably an over sized dark coloured knit jumper :) I reeeaaally want this dress!!! There is also a skirt version that is on sale for £20 but I think I would be more likely to wear the dress version. The price is high compared to what I normally spend on clothes but not bad considering the quality and what shop it's coming from ;)

Dress 2) 'Pins and Needles Vintage Dress' £52.00 

This dress is also very grungy so I would likely jazz it up with the same items as the first 'cooperative' dress. I don't like it quite as much however I think it would suit me more because of the colours and the print. It is a very classic design which is also quite short. The dress has a tie back which you can see in the photo below \/ I expect it to be quite fiddly but for how I will feel dressed in this (beautiful!) it will be worth it ;) Beauty hurts....

I hope to be back regularly blogging so talk soon :)
 What do you think of my Urban Outfitters picks?!

'Til next time
- Ellen

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Hi Guys,

 So I have to confess, after months of being against then less against then neutral about the ridiculousness of the onesie fashion trend I finally caved and today I went to MATALAN and bought myself a cow print onesie, ha ha ha!

 It was only £12 so much cheaper than most the onesies I viewed online but that is likely down to the fact that mine is quite thin so more a summer onesie ;) It has an amazing print on - cow - when I saw it I had to buy it. One of my earliest memories is being in New York and going trick or treating with my great Aunt who was dressed up as a cow in a cow print onesie. I guess we can match outfits now...maybe not. Anyway here are some more pics!

Have you got a onesie and what do you think of mine? I would definitely recommend it for the price but as it is quite thin don't expect to be cosy in it during the winter and wear something underneath.

'Til next time
- Ellen

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hi Guys,

 I've done a lot of Summer shopping this week as it is getting a little bit hotter here in the UK (yes, that means about 17 degrees C if we're lucky) and I need some new clothing anyways. My main buys were from PRIMARK, one of the largest chain stores which is also extremely popular with teens. Here are my buys!

First up, two dresses. The first one is a Parisian chic button up collared dress which is very nice and I paired with a white cardi and a tan bag (the lower one of the brown bags on my bag hook you can see on the left.) The second dress is more of a kaftan or overdress for the beach. It is a really pretty turquoise color, the fabric is thin and has 'hole punched' designs out of it (a close up is below), the dress has a cinched in waist which is adjustable by two strings. Both dresses finish just above the knee.

 These are three tops, two of which I bought last year as well but came back as they are so good. The blue and white ones had a similar version made last Summer and I wore the white one a LOT! And I mean a lot. I went to Australia last year and layered it with a t-shirt dress to cover up from the sun. They are all made of very 'flowy' material and are all very light weight. They should be worn over something though as they are also semi-transparent. The blue and white ones have a slub like fit with the top not resting quite on your shoulders, they are reasonably low cut so that's another reason to wear a vest top underneath! If you purchased them last year and thought the cuffs were ridiculously small (I struggled to out my hand through without unbuttoning them!) don't fret, they've obviously re-designed the sleeves and they have a bigger opening now! The blue shirt on the right is really nice and I would likely pair it with some leggings. The color also compliments fair skin. All the tops are dip hem but not too much - just like the front is normal length and the back is over your bum ;)

 I also bought two ribbed basic vests in navy and purple. I'm honestly not too pleased with these as after one days wear each they have stretched :( might shrink in the wash though??? Well they are cotton. These are very convenient but are quite poor quality and slightly see through, whoops!

Lastly are some PJs that I bought for my friend as it was her birthday, happy birthday Lucy! The bottoms are really cute with smiley faces and wording which reads 'Tweet Me!" Very cute :)
But I don't think that lives up to the incredibly adorable top which is a doggy with some massive glasses on, if that doesn't melt your heart I dunno what will! I also got her some glue on nails which have different fruits on - very funky! Only thing is that the apple nail looks a little like a chicken, go figure...

 Anyway, that was my Primark haul so hope you enjoyed! Remember to subscribe to this blog (EllaBella) and comment!

'Til next time
- Ellen

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hair Chalking?!

Hi guys,

 I have been thinking about dip dyeing my hair for quite a while now but am unsure of what my school would think of it and if I'm ready for the 'commitment.' Because of this I have held back however on FaceBook today I saw some pictures of 'chalked' hair! It looks just like ombred hair but is temporary and done with the chalk from an art store ;)
I think I'll give it a go but have no idea on what colour to do, if you have any ideas please leave a comment! These are some pictures of my hair colour right now:

 I'll keep you updated and give a shout out to the person who the 'chalk' colour I chose!

'Til next time
- Ellen

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Celebrity Tag!

Hey Guys,

 Today I am doing the celebrity tag which I originally saw done by Siri at Siri's Life which you can check out here. Here we go!

1. Who are your top two celebrity crushes and why?
Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, because they are both very good looking, great actors and seem like nice people in their interviews!

2. Have you met any celebrities? If yes, who and where they're from if others may be unfamiliar with them.
 I haven't met any massive celebrities :( I won a ride on the real Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (if celebrity cars count) and have met a guy called Christopher Stone who is an opera singer and reached the final of Britains Got Talent.

3 .Do you personally know any celebrities? If so, any fun experiences?
No :( My family works in the film industry so a lot of them know some famous directors like James Cameron but nobody (including me) is personally friends with them!

4. Which TV show cast would you most want to be friends with and why?
The cast from F.R.I.E.N.D.S because they are all so funny and I can see myself fitting in perfectly. I think my best friend would be Joey ;) "How yo doin?"

5. Which movie cast would you most want to be friends with and why 
The cast from Braveheart because I would love to be a Scottish warrior for the day ;) I've got the hair for it 

6. Which movie character would you most want to portray and why? 
Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect would be pretty fun! I would like to portray her because of all the funny
crazy things she gets to do in the movie! Who wouldn't???

7. Who is your celebrity style inspiration and why?
I tend to just chuck clothes on but recently I have actually caught myself stealing Bruce Springsteen's (of all people) style! By this I mean the messy hair, the straight leg dark jeans and the clumpy lace up boots, I don't know... ;)

Hope you enjoyed and be sure to tag 3 people to do this tag!
I tag: Anna Saccone
Malia at Deep Fried Freckles
And Kate Murnane at Dolly Bow Bow

Now, will they be brave enough to do it, that is the question.

'Til next time
- Ellen